The International Day of Peace 21 September 2015


Peace walk

2015-09-19 08:00 am

Iowa Resource for International Service (IRIS) is a 22-year old nonprofit organization based in Ames.

IRIS coordinates a number of international exchange and peace-building programs around the world.

The organizations mission is to connect Iowans to communities worldwide. The event will be a public

educational and cultural awareness event scheduled for September 19 to coincide with the

International Day of Peace, which is on September 21. We plan to hold a day-long peace walk along

the 3.2 mile figure-eight trail at Ada Hayden Heritage Park. International student groups from ISU and other Ames-area cultural organizations will

set up cultural displays around the trail. Our hope is to make this a family event where young kids

could receive a “passport” which would be stamped at each county’s cultural display and enjoy a day

of entertainment, culture, exercise, and fun. The public is welcome and do not need to sign up ahead

of time to view the cultural displays. A second component of the event is a fundraising activity for the

IRIS international scholarship and grant programs. Those members of the public who are interested

can sign up to secure pledges for miles walked and walk for whatever time and length they wish

during the ten-hour timeframe in solidarity of world peace as well as to help our IRIS international

scholarship program. The walk is scheduled from 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM.

Location: ada hayden heritage park - 5205 grand ave. | ames | iowa | u.s.a. | 50010

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Anyone, anywhere can celebrate Peace Day. Here are a couple of other ideas to get you started.

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A Day Devoted to Strengthening the Ideals of Peace

International Day of Peace (“Peace Day”) is observed around the world each year on 21 September. Established in 1981 by resolution 36/37, the United Nations General Assembly has declared this as a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples. Furthering the Day’s mission, the General Assembly voted unanimously in 2001 to adopt resolution 55/282 establishing 21 September as an annual day of non-violence and cease- fire.

Anyone, anywhere can celebrate Peace Day. It can be as simple as lighting a candle at noon, sitting in silent meditation, or doing a good deed for someone you don’t know. Or it can involve getting your co-workers, organization, community or government engaged in a large event. You can also share thoughts, messages and pictures to commemorate Peace Day on social media. Use this site to find organized events in your area and for inspiration on celebrating Peace Day in your own way.

2015 Theme: “Partnerships for Peace — Dignity for All”

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